Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Katie is shooting daggers at her new screen.

Katie got a job at CNN! I'm still unemployed (in my field). Here's to being a househusband!

The end.

PS This is so short because I'm hogging KT's laptop. I'm frced 2 wrt n shrthnd. Time iz uv da essence. TTFN.

PSS I think I will live at Caribou with her laptop while she works 40 hours a week. Sigh, I mean Yay!, I mean sighhhhhh. :0

Sunday, May 13, 2007

No Country for Old Men....or is it?!?

So, I am finally, completely, one-hundred-percent THROUGH. Georgia State just has to mail me my sheep skin, and that's that, Arafat. I am more thrilled to be done with GSU than I am proud that my college career is over. That's pretty obvious though, considering GSU has not prepared me in any way whatsoever for the real world. Though the drinking involved would surely make me prepared for The Real World or whichever permutation currently exists.

I checked out this morning with nothing interesting to report back. I, thus, got to work about an hour and a half early, which is awlays welcome, so I stopped into Caribou Coffee to read the new book I'd recently acquired. Yes, it actually is a book featuring text exclusively, not a graphic novel with pictures. I LOVE graphic novels, and I thoroughly enjoy the ones of I read (in fact, the past five books I've read were graphic novels: David Boring, Torso, Jinx, Blankets, and Black Hole), but I feel like I'm using them to put off reading a book with words again. What book am I reading? Well, that's kinda complicated.

While we were in Sylva, we stopped at this tiny bookstore that we had been to back in September. It was basically a bunch of old library books someone had donated or something at some point in history, and now they were here. I browsed casually, slightly uninterested because the books were both old and unfamiliar. However, a title popped into my field of vision: "No Country for Old Men."

The title clicked; I recognized the title as being the book the Coen brothers are currently adapting into a film. I grabbed it off the shelf and flipped open the cover. $1.50 was scribbled in pencil above the library card. A buck fifty! I can afford that, I thought to myself. And what's more, I actually had the cash on me.

I bought the book, and I sat down and the read the prologue. Hm, ok, it's about a poet named Henry Raven. He's on a ship. And he's been murdered, but it's been made to look like a suicide. And...Nazis? Hm, if I recall, the publicity stills from the Coens' new film feature Tommy Lee the desert. And Javier Badem or some name or other is a ruthless murderer. Is this the same book? I continued reading.

The main character (so far) is a man writing a biography on the deceased poet. I flipped to the dust cover, which I had avoided wanting to go into the book and film fresh (well, the film not so much, seeing as how I was reading the book, or so I thought). It's a thriller. Really? This picture just isn't adding up. The Coens' desert movie with Tommy Lee Jones is a thriller about a writer researching a dead poet?

I go into work and excitedly tell Kyle and Becca that I'm reading a book with words. "What book?" "No Country for Old Men." Kyle nods, "Oh, cool. Is that the Cormac McCarthy book the Coen brothers are doing?"

What? My book is written by Alan Schwartz. Not to be confused with Alvin Schwartz, author of the Scary Stories series.

Anyhow, I'm still confused. I'm about to research the mystery of how two books have the exact same title. I'm not totally upset that I'm reading the wrong book. Schwartz' tome is actually quite good! It's getting my mind back into the world of prose and language, and he is pretty adept at writing. Did I accidentally discover a gem?

UPDATE: Not as interesting as I thought. Both are named after the same line in a Yeats' poem "Sailing to Byzantium." Schwartz quotes Yeats on the page before the prologue. Hm. What the hell. It's actually sad, because no one has talked about this book at all, and it says on the flap that Schwartz is working on his second book, but there's no information about it. The main character is struggling with getting his first book published. Sad that he becomes the botched debut.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tyra Banks is a Hero (in progress)

INT. Tyra Banks' Studio


TITLE: The Tyra Banks Show

The audience's applause fades.

Tyra stares into the camera, unblinking, serious.

(blinking rapidly)
Please, this is no time for
applause. There is an epidemic
taking the lives of the beautiful,
young women in this nation. Women
who want nothing more than to
selflessly let their thin figures grace
movie screens and magazine covers,
figures they have obsessively
refined through legitimate methods
of dieting and exercising. There
is an epidemic murdering these
women, preying on their naivete.
That epidemic is...the

The camera zooms in on blood-red couch, smoke issuing from the cushions. Moody lighting drapes the couch.

Tyra stands and walks in front of a large video screen. The screen displays images corresponding with Tyra's descriptions.

Many of you might remember
reading that story about Terri
Hollenbachi, the sweet, 19-year-
old girl from Memphis with a
dream. She stepped off a bus
in Hollywood with a dream to
better the lives of others by
being an actress. But her looks
didn't have any time to get
her anywhere in life. She
answered an ad in the paper
looking for hot women to star
in a new film with Tom Cruise.
And she ended up dead.

The lights in the studio dim. The audience's silence is deafening.

Why? Because a man pretended
to be a movie director and lured
her to his lair, where he chopped
her into tiny pieces. When I read
about young Terri, I sprang into
action. I called Topanga, and we
set up a fake casting call to
catch unsuspecting women trying
to sleep their way to the top.
Let's watch.

The camera zooms into the video screen.


The fast-motion video shows the room being set up rapidly.

Our crew set up a fake casting
call room, complete with fake
casting director and fake
movie director.

Arrows appear onscreen indicating "Fake" personnel.

Our fake movie director, Milo,
has the sexy allure of a
fake hitman, a perfect candidate
for our movie director. With his
acting abilities, these women
will never think he's really
a killer.

The video shows the women lining up outside the casting room.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Quatro y Cinco de Mayo

Now, you might not think that the Great Smokey Mountains are a place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but then you would be terribly incorrect. Thanks to Dr. Modugno, we had a beautiful place to stay for the weekend in the quiet town of Sylva, North Carolina.

And we did all the things one is supposed to do on Cinco de Mayo, like eat blueberry cream pie ice cream and play True Colors (apparently, I'm the one most likely to pile my plate at a buffet). And purchase Kudzu jelly. And shoot a crossbow, and ultimately lose two of the bolts (sorry Geoff). And finally, eat so much taco food stuffs that your belly bursts at the seams. And then eat ice cream and watch Planet Earth. What a great fucking weekend.

Another accomplishment this weekend: I finally finished Black Hole. It left me incredibly depressed, but maybe it's just because the material is so dark, as Geoff noted. There are so many stark landscapes presented in the book, ethereal planes filled with garbage and disease and mutations. It's such a bleak tale.

And we saw some pugs at the farmer's market that has me convinced that Katie and I need to own a pug. Or two.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Transition (Plan A)

After sneaking a peek at my schedule the week after next, I'm worried. I won't be making nearly enough hours to really get by, which I calculated with some trusty arithmetic. However, the ensuing anxiety was quickly quelled by the idea of getting a job somewhere in my new neighborhood. By the way, here's where that is:

(many thanks to this Blogger for his tutorial on getting that map to was quite difficult)

I would absolutely love to be able to work within walking distance of my new place. The fact that I would not have to ride MARTA (which has taken who knows how many hours from my life from being slow) and that I would get to know the neighborhood and its inhabitants better is such an awesome notion. Even if I weren't earning that much per hour, I just want to work a lot this summer. It would be a definite plus to make money so close to home. I could walk home to have lunch, wouldn't get in that late, wouldn't have to wait on the Lindbergh train then the Airport train. That idea alone would be sweet.

However, this talk is really just Plan B to my Plan A (hence the title sounding like a song title off of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief). I had an interview at Cartoon Network last week, and I'm just hoping so badly that I get it. The interview went fairly well, despite the fact that I was soaked from rain and very sweaty. To have that foot in the door, I can't even express it.

Alright, I really have to get cleaning. And Katie's back from her exam! Now I have to go.